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The Blue Prince


Frederic Azuriel McPaws III, who is colloquially known as The Blue Prince, scampers through the gardens around the high stone castle looking for friends. He is kind and generous to all he encounters and bequeaths a noble title to each and every new friend he makes. Today, amongst a low-lying forest of mushrooms he has made the joyous acquaintance of a small field mouse called Cecil. He has declared Cecil to be the Royal Seed Finder and charges him with the task of searching all the fields and meadows and glens for wildflower seeds to be planted around the castle. Cecil is thrilled to make a new friend and cannot wait to begin collecting seeds for the prince’s gardens.

The 12 x 12 digital painting comes on premium photo luster paper with a 1/2" white border. The 8 x 8 digital painting comes on premium matte paper with no border.

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12×12, 8×8


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