gavin otteson


Traditional & Digital Artist

Hi! I’m Gavin, but you can call me Gav. All my best pals do!

I love to paint dreamy landscapes, retro houses, sci-fi concepts, and nostalgic objects. I typically find my inspiration in mid-century art, architecture, literature, and music.

I’m a total nerd who loves old school stuff like vinyl records, hand-drawn animation, and science fiction stories. Oh, and I’m obsessed with coffee!

I was born and raised in Utah and have since lived in Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, and California. Today I live in Ohio in a tiny home on wheels with my better half, Charlie. We call our home “The Escape Pod”, and all my creations are made in this 300 square foot dream house!

When Charlie and I are not pursuing our creative endeavors, we enjoy traveling, hanging out in coffee shops, watching Star Trek, and solving crossword puzzles.

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Peace and love!